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Return of Winter in Crested Butte!!!
March 28 and 29, 2007
Brittany and Frank

The National Weather Service had been calling for Winter Storm Warnings in the mountains of Colorado. But, Crested Butte ski area only received a TRACE each day! What a disappointment! But you could look west and see a big looming cloud over the mountains. So we went to see what we could find.

We found a snowmobile graveyard.

A couple of miles of snowmobiling over stuff like this

Brought us to this....

And a couple of hours of skinning up this....

Brought us to this cabin....

And then enless returns of lucious POW! :D :D :D

A look back at the day's line:

We liked it so much that we went back for more the next day!!!!

And then Frank hitched a ride with some friends back to gather his 'bile. I call it the Kelly sandwich :)

It's been nice hanging out with Frank these last few days. I don't get sick of him. That's a good thing. ;) _

Photos courtesy of Frank Konsella