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Stanley Headwall
Berthoud Pass

December 10, 2006
Brittany, Frank, Greg, Jen, Lacy

Colorado has been experiencing yet another dry spell. While the dry spell made conditions a bit variable, it allowed us to ski a line that's a bit more interesting than the norm on Berthoud Pass. So, I thought I'd share a bit of the stoke! :D :D :D

We skinned up from the road for quite a ways. It was a beautiful bluebird day! Greg on the skin:

But along the way we also saw a lot of this:
Surface hoar, so pretty to look at, but still a warning of instability in the future snowpack!

Lacy shows his techy mountaineering skills :)

I am a complete nerd, I know ;)

At first we were leaning towards skiing No Name. Along the way, we ran into some fellow mags: Sebastian and Ireallyliketoski. They headed down No Name. But we spotted this, the Stanley Headwall, and decided it had some interesting lines and we wanted to check them out.

Lacy tore it up!

Jen too! (I guess Telemark doesn't REALLY suck :) )

A couple of pics of me, courtesy of Greg. Thanks Greg!

Unfortunately, I have no pics of Greg showing off his tele-steez since he opted for a different line down than the 3 of us above. The line was fun, although the snow conditions were variable, ranging from wind-slab styrofoam to powder, to chunky crust, and to just downright punchy. All of this within a turn or two. It made our interesting line even more interesting :wink:


Frank opted for yet another line. He pretty much stomped it. Unfortunately, we have no pics, but Greg took a video. The video is 1 min 14 seconds, and the first 20 seconds are difficult to see. But after that, you get a pretty good feel for his line. He rocked it when we all flailed with the conditions earlier. Check it out!


Looking back at the headwall from the gulch we followed out:

Thanks to Greg, Jen, Lacy, and Frank for a great day out there!!!!!!