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A Week in Whistler
Dec 31, 2006 - Jan. 7, 2007
Brittany, Frank, Pete, and Susan

During the first week of January I found myself in Whistler with a bunch of Crested Butte folks. How exactly did that happen??? I'm not really sure...

Long story short is that Frank and I were contemplating a trip to Whistler during Christmas for quite some time, but we were having difficulties figuring out logistics. The day before the Big Storm came and smothered Denver with bunches of fluffy white stuff, the logistics finally came together. We booked tickets for Whistler only a week and a half before we left. Luck was on our side because Susan leaves her home in CB to spend her winters in BC, and she left for her winter home only a few days before we arrived. Non-mag Pete happened to be in town from CB visiting family. So, here we were in Whistler, a transplanted make-shift poser Colorado family :) .

Why leave Colorado when the storms were piling up and dumping snow in Colorado? Because there was even MORE snow in Whistler! :biggrin: :biggrin: It didn't stop snowing for any day that I was there!

There was so much snow it just became downright problematic. I mean, it severely interfered with my ability and desire to take photos :wink: I mean, why stop and take photos when it's a powder day???? :)

I did manage to take a few photos, and here they are:

Here is the curl:

See Frank. See Frank on the curl.

Frank likes to send slough down the curl. :biggrin:

One day it got clear. So we headed out of bounds to DOA. Here's the group on the [I]clear [/I]day, just outside the boundary gate.

"Are there really mountains over there?" :biggrin:

Amazingly enough we found the entrance to DOA.

Frank is happy...

Rock-skiing can be fun, but I still prefer snow :)

Pete tears it up, throwing in steazy alpine turns on his tele skis. His quote of the week: "I'm buying an alpine set-up!", which he claimed many times.




Frank's house is actually in Pemberton. Mt. Currie poked out to say hello a few times, exposing the beautiful lines she possesses....

This peak alone makes me want to return to see more of what BC has to offer. I only got a small sampling. The sampling was not enough. I need more. :biggrin:

I had to return to work, but Frank stayed another 2 weeks. Be expecting a TR from him!

Many thanks to Frank for allowing us to stay at her house, for the use of her car, and for playing taxi-driver :biggrin:

Many thanks to Lee, shirk, and Jon who took us out on a nice little jaunt through the woods in BC :biggrin:

Photos courtesy of Frank Konsella