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Skiing after work with Sydney

May 22, 2008
Brittany and Sydney

Sydney and I have been able to rally for a few after work skiing sessions this season. It's been great having her join me when our schedules work. Now that we're both making the move to Crested Butte, I anticipate the after work skiing sessions to continue :)

Sydney had skied Sniktau earlier that weekend with her friends. Unfortunately, when skiing through the trees at the bottom, her jacket (which was strapped to her backpack) fell off. Inside of her jacket was her ipod. Sydney was determined to go back and find her jacket with the ipod, so to Sniktau we went.

The best way to ski Sniktau is to shuttle. Leave one car at Bakerville another at Loveland Pass. So, that's what we did. When we left the car in Bakerville, it was sunny. When we arrived at the top of Loveland Pass, it was cloudy. As we began hiking, it started snowing. Then, it started blowing. And blowing and snowing some more. Before we knew it, we were in a full-fledged blizzard on a late May evening.

Sometimes the visibility looked like this:

Finally, we reached the top (notice the snow blowing sideways).

Nevertheless, it was a fun ski down, with some good powder! Who needs to be able to see when there's such good snow ;)

When we reached the trees, the terrain became flatter. Snow and ice began sticking to our skis, so we had to "push" ourselves downhill. New snow had fallen, but the snow underneath was wet and unsupportable... so we kept sinking deep into the snow. It was a slog, and a big pain in the butt. Yet, it was worth it, because Sydney magically found her jacket with her ipod in it!

We finished as the last bit of daylight was dwindling.

Who knew we were going to get a powder day skiing after work in May???? !!!!! Winter just won't go away! But, I'm okay with that... :)

Photos all by Brittany Walker