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Finding the Emerald
Mt. Baldy TR (North Face)

October 27, 2007
Brittany, Frank, and Jack

After watching the Thrillhead Creations movie Return to Schralptown last night at the Center for the Arts in Crested Butte, we were ready to do some "schralping" ourselves. It had not snowed since Sunday in Crested Butte, and snow was definitely looking thin unless you looked up in the higher alpine areas. With that in mind, we intended to hit up the Wine Bottle couloirs again off of Treasury, which we skied last Saturday. But while driving up to Schofield Pass we saw this:

We couldn't resist the temptation! So, we left one car at the bottom, at Emerald Lake. The other car we drove up to Schofield Pass and began skinning from there. We followed the ridge on the lookers right of the above photo.

Skinning took us through some dense forest, with thin snow. At times it seemed more like an obstacle course ;)

Eventually, we reached treeline and skinning was pretty easy for awhile, but short lived. The ridge was largely barren of snow, so time to strap the skis on the back and hike!

There were some amazing views however! View to the NW...

South Maroon


Treasury, where we skied last Saturday. We hiked on the ridge that comes up from the left of the picture, then dropped down the couloirs that are not visible in the pic, but are in the "notch".

Jack walking the ridge.

This part of the ridge was a bit of a crux. Snow was our friend, but the loose crumbly rock was not. You couldn't trust any rock! If pulled, most of the rocks would just come apart. Icky!

Jack on top of the crux, Frank making his way through it...

After the crux, it was only a few minutes of easy ridge walking to reach the entrance to our line. Admiring the views once again: Pyramid Peak

Do you see the line that I see? :) :) :)

Frank gets first tracks!

You can see Emerald Lake at the bottom of our line.

Jack's turn!


The middle of the couloir was the best part- recycled pow through most of it... so sweet!

Jack working his way towards the Emerald.

We hit a bit of diciness through this icy section here:

But I was still smiling all the same :)

Frank working his way to the bottom of the coulie.

The bottom of the coulie had some really variable snow conditions and a few rocky sections. This pic doesn't do him justice, but Jack pretty much shralped it clean :) [IMG]"

Me finishing the run out of the coulie- some cream to be enjoyed here!

It was a great day out with these boys! The climb was challenging at times, which made it fun. The turns were super nice, with recycled pow. We hit a line which is what you'd normally be skiing in spring here in Colorado. Smiles were had by everyone. Not a bad third day of skiing for this season!!! A great warm-up for what lies ahead for us for the rest of the season!

Thanks again boys!

Photos courtesy of Frank Konsella