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Mt. Antero
May 16, 2007

Partners: Frank Konsella

Route Description: Access from Baldwin Creek. Skied west side.

Data: We could only drive up to 9,700 ft because there was a snowbank although much of the road was dry after that. Left at 6:30 am. Began skinning around 11,000 ft. Summited around 11:45 am (14,269 ft). Began skiing around 12:05. Skied to 11,000 ft. Reached car at 3:30. Total vert climbed: 4,550 ft. Total vert skied: 3,250 ft.

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FINALLY the weather has been improving for Colorado with a break in snow storms. The snow has stopped coming, but it's also melting fast with the warm temps. With many nights not resulting in hard freezes, skiing more challenging lines has been difficult this spring. With that in mind, we chose to ski Antero.

I've had my eye on Antero ever since I skied Princeton (my first 14er ski) with Fritz Sperry last year. This pic of Antero was taken in the evening from 285.

Frank and I camped the night before along the Chalk Creek road near the Baldwin Creek jeep road. Early in the morning we packed up and gb tried to take his truck as far up the road as possible. The Baldwin Jeep road begins at 9,420 and we were only able to get up to just over 9,700 ft because there was a large snowdrift in the way. This was a pity because after that the road was clear of snow for another 1.5 miles or so.

We walked along the road and encountered the creek crossing at 10,800. The creek was rather high. Frank spotted this icy log and we decided to use that to help us cross. "Break out your crampons! We're going to need it to cross the log". I think he just wanted to make sure he had a reason to use them :rolleyes2

After crossing the creek we went for about 10 minutes before having to break out the skins and 11,000 ft. We followed the trail until we saw an obvious gully that was full of snow. We opted to follow this gully up in order to save a couple of miles from the crazy switch-backing trail/road.

While skinning up we saw this great looking peak just to the west of us. It is unnamed peak 13,870. The lines off this are VERY inticing!!!!

The gully lead us to a sub-peak to the south of Antero where we had to cross over a fun little ridge.

There were a few different sets of tracks coming off of Antero. Someone had dropped in (probably the day before) onto the north side and then boot packed back up when they reached the cliff bands. We were fighting some approaching storms, so we opted to ski to the east of the ridge we came up, then follow our gully back down to the west.

We were able to ski right off the summit.

From the summit of Antero we could see the north face of Tabeguache, looking oh so fine!

Frank dropping from the summit, going south but on east side of the ridge.

He decided to make the ridge into a terrain park feature :D

Some pics from the gully we followed back down, to the west. We found amazing corn there at about 11 am.

(note that he's pointing to the camera!)

When we got to the bottom of the gully we headed for the trail as soon as possible as the snow in the trees was very manky. The snow was a bit more compacted on the trail although sometimes still collapsed on us. We had stretches like this that were a bit thin too.

We were able to ski to 11,000, where we'd put our skins on earlier in the morning.

All in all it was a great day and a fantastic corn ski!


Photos contributed by Frank Konsella.