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Mt. Lindsey
April 22, 2007

Partners: Jeremy Wegener, Kelly Baker, Jordan White, Frank Konsella

Route Description: Approached from Lily Lake, skied north couloir.

Data: Began snowmobiles at 4:30 (~9,800'), went for about 3 miles to TH. Began hiking at 5:15 from Lily Lake TH (10,680'). See map for our route. First ski run was 500 vert. Second ski run was 200 vert. Reached summit around 2:30 (14, 042 ft). Began skiing around 3 pm from summit. Skied north couloir, about 1800 vert. By 4 pm we were hiking again. Hiked back up to saddle (about 13,100 ft) then followed Nipple Creek back down to the valley. Around 6pm we were back at the snowmobiles. 7 pm back at car. Total vert skied: 4900'. Total vert climbed: 4900'. Total time: 14.5 hours.

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Please see Frank's blog for a trip report for this peak. Thanks!

Route Pictures

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Topo map of our route. Red represents ascent, blue represents descent.


Photos contributed by Frank Konsella.