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Mt. Sherman
March 11, 2007

Partners: Frank Konsella

Route Description: Began at Leavick TH. Skied south face.

Data: Began at TH at 11:20 am (11250 ft). Followed road and SW ridge to summit. Reached summit around 3:20 pm (14036 ft). Began skiing down around 3:40 pm. Skied the whole way back to the car. Reached car around 4:20 pm. Total vert skied: about 2,800 ft. Total time: 5 hrs.

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After a BIG day in on Crestone the previous weekend and a week of taking students hiking/camping around in Moab, I was ready for something mellow. Frank was doing Crestone Needle the next day, so he didn't mind :) Thus, Sherman was looking pretty good. Typically windblown and practically devoid of snow, we took advantage of the weekend's storm that came with little wind and just enough heavy snow to make a difference.

So, this by no means is a sickter TR from the Sangres, which seems to be the trend of the week. But I thought I’d share it anyway :D

We were able to drive to the town of Leavick. There, we threw on our skins and packs to head up the road at a nice early start of 11:20 am :D

We got a spectactular view of the aptly named Horseshoe on the road.

The area is full of mining ruins. No shortage of them around!

Here's the big ol' Mount Sherman! Doesn't look like much of a 14er does it?

The ridge was kind of fun though! We hit it on a perfect day! Sunny, great views, and little wind!

I love being on top of 14ers! The best way to view other 14ers is from the top of another 14er :)

Closer view of Mt Massive

Holy Cross

Gray's and Torrey's

Summit shots!

The ski down was pretty good for something like Sherman! Cream Cheese Pow all the way down to the bottom! Unfortunately, the ski shots didn't turn out so well. The settings on our cameras were such that our shots were overexposed. It looks like we are skiing in a sunny white-out ;) Hence, this TR is more of a climbing TR than a skiing TR. Oh well!

A coyote enjoyed watching us ski down from a knoll on the hillside. As we reached the road, we could hear him howling. He probably wished he had skis:D

In less than 5 hours from when we started we were back at the car! Simple, easy, fun day on another 14er!

Route Pictures

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Our line on Mt. Sherman


Photos contributed by Frank Konsella.